Do All Hot Cocoa Mixes Contain Partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils?

Before we answer the question let’s define what “partially hydrogenated vegetable oils” are. We all know and understand that vegetable oils are usually liquid at room temperature right? Soo how is it that we have butter/margarine made from corn oil and sunflower oil? The method used to do this is known as hydrogenation. It is used because food manufacturers want a solid fat that does not easily go bad and doesn’t have any real taste. Hydrogenation gives them this.

Other Manufacturer Benefits

This process allows a prolonged shelf life and also allows a product that can be solid at room temperature. Having a prolonged shelf life is important to manufacturers and consumers alike. It allows consumers to purchase products and not have to worry about the expiration dates as much and it gives manufacturers increased flexibility.

The Problem

So far so good right? Not so fast though! The potebtial problem is that the method of hydrogenation actually changes the composition of the fats into a form that is not easily assimilated by the body (trans fatty acids). Because this process hasn’t been around for hundreds of years we have no idea what the long term effects are to the constant exposure to these fats. We hate to say it but it would seem that evidence is beginning to appear linking them to many degenerative diseases.

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